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Dear Clara

If I could, I would drop a handful of tiny stars to chat with you in the dim evenings.
If I knew how, I would make a halo of light to protect your beauty,
which would  attract only the joy of life and happiness you deserve.
If I had the power of the secret, 
I woud give you a benign sun that would accompany you always harbored in difficult times. 
As I do not know, neither can, nor have,I bring you, on your 12th birthday, best wishes,
desires of a grandmother who loves you with all her heart.
Aliama Narval (27 Noviembre 2015)

Nobody can see what my eyes see

  • Nobody can see what my eyes see.
  • Nobody can think what I think.
  • Nobody will ever feel what I feel.
  • Nobody is I, Nobody Breathes in my body.
  • When you have lived my years,
  • When you have lived my faith
  • And reach my smile,
  • When you have cried with my eyes
  • with infinite sadness or with laughter.
  • When hope has abandoned you
  • And has left in the confusion of yesterday
  • All those you have so much loved
  • And this has not erased your smile.
  • When you feel indignant with what makes me feel indignant
  • Because you understand it as I understand it,
  • When pain overcomes you
  • But you continue going to death helpless.
  • When the years menace your dreams
  • but you insist on dreaming about them.
  • When you look at me thinking in what I want
  • And I do not ask for, in what I need but I ignore,
  • Then, only then you could say
  • That you understand me and love me
  • beyond your own fate.
  • Then, and only then you would have understood
  • my way.
  • Aliama Narval
  • 20th September 2015


Comment from Barcelona

Comment about the content of our page from Barcelona:
"I´ve been browsing online more than four hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.
It´s pretty worth enough for me. 
Personally, if all web owners and bloggers made good content as you did, 
the Internet will be a lot more useful than ever before.
Dear reader from Barcelona, thank you very much indeed for your kind words.
You help us to keep on writing with illusion. We will try to give you more and more reasons
to visit our web page. Thank you again.
Aliama Narval



Si cada vez que pienso en ti te enviara un sms, no podría dormir, ducharme, ir a natación, bailar, hacer presentaciones, escribir en Facebook ni hacer el amor.

Ahora paro en seco un informe y te escribo en letras de nube sobre el cielo de Shanghai:

te quiero . . .

"No se puede enseñar nada a un hombre; sólo se le puede ayudar a encontrar la respuesta dentro de sí mismo"

Galileo Galileo

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<¿Para qué repetir los errores antiguos habiendo tantos errores nuevos que cometer?

Bertrand Russell

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Nada en el mundo puede sustituir a la perseverancia. El talento no lo hará; nada es más común que un hombre de talento sin éxito. El genio tampoco; el genio no premiado es casi un axioma. La educación por sí sola tampoco; el mundo esta lleno de cultos sin gloria. Sólo la perseverancia y la firmeza son omnipotentes.

Adam J. Jackson

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"Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it"

Vive y trabaja pero no te olvides de jugar, de divertirte en tu vida y de disfrutar de ella.

Eileen Caddy


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