Beautiful words!


It's hard to express in words what you have done for me. I believe you have made it possible for me to enjoy a whole new way of life. It is obvious the time and tremendous energy you put into your class.      Don B.

It has been a happy surprise to read this!

With your permission I publish it because it is important for everybody to know that only exceptional people are able to recognize the participation of others in their success.

If you were in my class you would know that my way of doing is the result of the training of my father, family and teachers in Chile, so if I have done anything important for you we both should thank all those wonderful human beings that loved so much my life that afected yours.

I take advantage of your precious words to thank once more all the teachers I had in Chile specially the ones that cared and protected me in the "Liceo Nº1 de Niñas- Santiago de Chile promoción de 1966 and " La escuela de Institutrices del Instituto Internacional de Educación" 1968, as well as my dear coaches in Canal 13 de TV- Universidad Católica de Chile y La Escuela de Modelos de Pamela BB de Paredes and since I started my classes in Spain to the Cambridge departament of teachers who have respected so much my particular way of doing.

I think It is about time I thanked all of them for their contribution to a better world.

To finish with this I will share a verse of a poem in a Picture book illustared by Mary Engelbreit that Beatriz Romero, a great teacher and student of mine, once gave me as a present.

A teacher is someone

who touches tomorrow

more broadly than words can convey...

and the legacy good teachers leave

are the children

who´ll teach their own children someday.


I feel so happy to know that your life is good. My best wishes for your future success!



Si cada vez que pienso en ti te enviara un sms, no podría dormir, ducharme, ir a natación, bailar, hacer presentaciones, escribir en Facebook ni hacer el amor.

Ahora paro en seco un informe y te escribo en letras de nube sobre el cielo de Shanghai:

te quiero . . .

"No se puede enseñar nada a un hombre; sólo se le puede ayudar a encontrar la respuesta dentro de sí mismo"

Galileo Galileo

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<¿Para qué repetir los errores antiguos habiendo tantos errores nuevos que cometer?

Bertrand Russell

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Nada en el mundo puede sustituir a la perseverancia. El talento no lo hará; nada es más común que un hombre de talento sin éxito. El genio tampoco; el genio no premiado es casi un axioma. La educación por sí sola tampoco; el mundo esta lleno de cultos sin gloria. Sólo la perseverancia y la firmeza son omnipotentes.

Adam J. Jackson

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"Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it"

Vive y trabaja pero no te olvides de jugar, de divertirte en tu vida y de disfrutar de ella.

Eileen Caddy


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