Forteen years old !

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arbolfloresToday while revising the commentaries, I saw one of them which made me wake up. It said: The only thing I can say is go on writing. I felt that this is worth the effort. Thank you to whom has given me back my illusion.

The question now is: How to find the road to drive to develop my loved page? I have dedicated what for me has been a huge amount of money and effort to rescue it from the mean actuation of whoever tried to get advantage of it, but those whoever are still as mean little ticks feeding from it and making me feel invaded. I would like to restore it and make it work.

Here we are now, as in the very beginning when the person who made it, had to abandon its maintenance. As from the first idea I had, I have dealt with difficulties. I personally have been not able to solve them and due to different interests, sensitivities and opinions, as well as new incomparable offers as Facebook, people did not want to participate in a so little project. What was born as our page, ended up in my page with some brave students of mine who understood that what they think is important and what they create is great, even if most of the readers do not agree with these simple ideas.

Fighting to survive against all kind of scorn and, as if it were a capricious decision of oblivion and indifference, it has remained lying in the internet for 14 years now.

In words of Nietzsche “The irrationality of a thing is not an argument against its existence” so, with my unshakeable faith and great love for this project, I have to go on and fight for it, since I think I have probed the English saying: “If there is a will, There is a way”

I would like to give thanks to our readers who I appreciate so much, and, at the same time, I would like to ask you to forgive me for my poor knowledge and resources and accept my compromise to go on just because you are there. I cannot have any better reason to stand up and continuous walking. Love you with all my little heart! Thank you very much indeed for backing me up! You have made me feel that this page well deserves another impulse.