It was Febrery 2019. I had been some days ill with the virus of the year that normaly appears in the months of October and November, or punctually, at the begining of Autum.

My neighbours over me upstairs, a couple of grand parents living in their son´s house,  used to be very silent and respectful so we never had any problem. We lived, at least, 12 years without any  difficulty.

In January 2020 I realised that my neighbours had moved and a very nice woman, kind and well educated, with a great doggy that never barked or did any special noise, were my new neighbours. She was not Spanish but she was very respectful with us.

That new great woman was forced to leave because of the doggy. What I could not understand.  Apparently, someone had complained about the doggy´s behavior, I had not heard anything wrong or any noise, though.

Taking into account that in this building, from whatever point of it,  you can have a clear conversation,  without shouting, through the walls from whatever flat over or by yours, the neighbours coud be unsuferable.

February came and with it the new neighbours who were the spirit of the noise and with a total ignorance about  laws or manners.

They came with the  Coronavirus pandemic. Most of the people living in the flat or visiting it appeared not to be Spanish.  

Some of us had to work on line from home due to the confinement so we had problems caused by the excess of noises.

With the days the noises were increasing up to the top of the richest variety of them I had ever heard: a lot of children crying and shouting, and, a lot of people coming and going, day and night, until daybrake. The noise of moving objects, drugging pieces of furniture, loud music and, appart from shouting and singing, as well as a a great number of etcs...

Days went on...

One morning, around midday, I heard a boy in danger asking for help so I shouted without thinking in more than the anguished situation the boy was living: " If you do not let him go I will call the police" and I did it as an impulse without considering the possible consequencies.

In the afternoon I heard a group of women reproching somebody the episode with the child. Somebody else told that it was something normal in their activities to what the women replayed " Ok, but he is too little for it"

Another morning a woman who appeared to be in charge of their "business" invited someone to do the same, but the young man, who sounded as a teenager, answered in low voice: "No, the neighbour said she was going to call the police" to what the woman replied: and...?

Two days later, in the morning The Guardia Civil entered the building with dogs and went directly to the flat on the first floor, just over my head.

There was a short struggle at the door, but finally, they entered the flat with the dogs.

The policemen, as in sounded, apparently moved and checked every piece of furniture.  One of them sent a girl to put something on, she seemed to be naked. After some time checking every corner of the flat, the policemen went out.

The official who appeared to be in charge of the operation was at the entrance, talking to the secretary of the neighbours community  and  controlling the door. The secretary made him some questions and the policeman told him they had got half of the material and photos of children to be sold they expected to get and just one of the men they had come to give a demand, according to a lawsuit from a judge. 

This had nothing to do with me. It was a father who presented the case in the tribunals in our town.

At that very moment, I understood  the children crying and shouting, all the noises and the crazy atmosphear that we and  some neighbours were living in.

At that very moment too, started the  change of the activities from taking photos for other related with enourmous amounts of water and a secuence of violent noice that maintained the neighbours around the first floor flats sleepless...

                              TO BE CONTINUED...

The neighbours Meeting.....

All the irregularities were growing with the time. The photos came back again and the aditional activity with certain dough, a lot of water and hitting. I had no idea but the girl next door asked her mother about the dough and cleared up a lot about the new activity.

The photographs for children went on and in addition, although the young man living there did not agree they had to assume the manipulation of something different but scandalous because of the intensity of the noise that started working around midnight. 

In Summer the Air conditioner devises from those people flat were emptied on the pedestrian path at our entrance door to the building, what made us difficult to get into it without getting wet.

We asked them to arrange it but they decided not to do anything, so we, the neighbours, decided to send them an official letter from our presidence  informing them about our regional laws respect to the problem they were causing to our community and we decided, as well, to call a meeting. 


 THE MEETING was hold in the parking lot of our building to have room to respect the distance required  among the neighbours, according to the recommendations of the Gobernment.

After the revision of the matters related to the building that were: payments, proyects to improve the isolation for the humidity in the comunity yard to protect the parking lot and other suggestions apart from other improvements. The neighbours in the north part of the building commented the noises and scandals of our recently arrived neighbours, mentioning the visit of the police.

As half of the owners and  tenants were not able to hear the noises and scandals because their flats were in the southern part of the building , and the difficulty to live and sleep was in the flats facing the North part of the building,  the discussion was really difficult and there was not taken into account the danger and the impossibility to sleep or work so there was not any resolution respect to the new neigbours, except for, the recommendation of the owners of the flats involved in the noises and ilegal activities, who lived in the south of the building or those who had them rented, to call the police whenever they considered an abusive behavior of our new neighbours whose flats were facing the North.

After the meetig the new first floor inhabitants, far from being better    and respectful increased the scandals with children and the noises, adding a great variety of them including regular bangs and enormous amount of water running that from midnight onwards were imposible to asume.

But, probably the worst was the show that the Madame prepared for us at the entrance of the building with the children laughing at our police saying " Careful children, They are going to call the police"   what was followed by loud laughing and scandalous and scornful commentaries,   so much and so false that appeared to be a theatre rehersal.

From that moment onwards my neigbour upstairs who I am going to call the "Madam" shouted how much she hated me and that she had to kill me. As I was permanently at home I was able to hear every conversation or activity my neighbours had from wherever I was into my house.

The other neighbour that deserved a lesson acording to the Madame when talking to a man to contract him for it,  was the one that was living in the second floor over the first floor flat, where the new neighbours where  living.

                                  TO BE CONTINUED


(People contracted to frighten, injured or kill people, esp. in America)

The Madame was every day more and more furious and decided to call her people to contract somebody to kill me, telling every single person, all ages in her organisation that I had to die. From that very moment the noises increased a lot and the activities were diversified into more and more dangerous ones.

A group of teenagers, mainly girls, started to visit the Madame very often, she was kind to them and tried to get their agreement to attack me. One of them asked the woman why she did not do it herself and she answered that she did not dare and that three of the contacts with professionals had failed because they did not do these kind of " pieces of work".

Her obsession to make me disappear caused a lot of changes. My neighbour next door got closer and closer to the Madame including the girl an with the time the husband. Agreeing everything together, the young couple permited the Madame to stay in their room which is by my sitting room where I have my work and give my classes. It is obious to me that she did it to know what I was used to do and to have information for the goons she contracted. 

The main activity recently in these two flats, one by my sitting room and corridor and the other over my head is batting a substance and washing it with enormous amounts of water and noises of pulling dragging very heavy plastic boxes. 

The photos for children continued with great scandal and little by little after having problems with some mothers and changing the flats the activity of photography  was reduced to two of the children in this building. One first floor, one or maybe two years old and the girl by my flat at her two or three years old.

My neighbour next door, this past Summer, decided to enter in the business of photographs with her girl, first in the inflated swiming pool they had in the patio in the ground floor of the building and later into the house.

When the woman that do not have any name in the post box in the building and is called "mama"  and who nobody calls by a name, by her name,  whose determination to impose her businesses,  all of them sinister and illegal, are going to carry to our  poor town a great  suffering, another pandemic as in the eighties...

                                                           TO BE CONTINUED...


Here we are,  22 months afterwards!


In this 22 months, day after day, I have suffer the attack of noises, the intentional crying of the child just because my neighbour has realiced that this crying make me feel really sad and unhappy.

I think this woman is seriously ill and her illness is contaminating all around her.

Fortunately I do not hate her, I am not going to deny that I am really affected, though.

                             TO BE CONTINUED...

am not afraid althoug I know there are contracs to make me disappear. One thing that I have learned through the hard life of my parents and people in Spanish war is that you die when you have to, it does not matter the attacks you suffer.  But something this woman appears  not to understand is the amount of people´s  lives she is affecting and how much this fact is going to affect hers.  Or probably she knows it and this is exactly what she wants to do to ignore her own suffering. 


SATURDAY BEATING NEW MATERIAL AND VISITS...Expensive and big cars are usualy parked along this part of the street on weekends, some time ago, where big and expensive vans, came from time to time and which  now are not so usual. 

My  student could not attend the class so I tried to prepare my classes next week. It was useless because my neighbours first floor apparently have received material and dedicated hours to hit it what is heard all over the building. So that I decided to stop working, went to the office and I tried to watch a program what was not possible either,  as the noise covered the voices of the actors. To hear I had to turn up the tv set volume to compete with the volume  of the beating, something I was not willing to do.

 I prepared something to eat with my doggy by my right knee, alert, visibly affected by the noises, as usual.

Unfortunately this is very common and the neighbours are always trying to change their strategy but the noises and the children shouting are such that it has been impossible for them to hide their activities. It is something that everybody knows but curiosly nobody can hear.

Now, while I am writing this account, the girl is suffering crying with desperation surrounded by adults including her mother, who shouts at her to stop her crying, trying to calm her down. I feel anguished I have no neighbours to back me up and I do not know how to help these creatures.

I understand that people do not want to have this kind of problems and prefer to ignore them. I think that it is impossible not to hear what it is day after day for the rest of the people living here and that the only neighbours affected are two flats: one opposite the other in the ground floor and another in the second floor, over the first floor one, the flat where the noises came from.                                     

                                            TO BE CONTINUED.....


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas is, apparently, a day to  visit mothers, fathers and grandparents and grandmothers, and, other family members, time for friends, for the children to enjoy our fantastic show organised by the people in the team of our Mayor in our town hall  which is in our main square called "Plaza Mayor". Our Mayor is really young and enthusiast. He loves his town and wants it to  look better and better. He is sorrounded by a group of politicians and a team of good workers that appear to feel love for their town too.

Since they came to our lives through our votes, the town that  has started been transformed by a woman Mayor before, turned into in a clean and modern town with a lot of activities to improve our lives and with factories, companies of all kind and possibilities for our children to make a way to get whatever they could want, whether it is high technology, business, commerce, or developing their imagination to create new ways and new professions.

With the transformation of our village, has come a transformation of our young people. Unfortunately the efforts of the parents has not been reflected in the youth. The good and easy life thanks to the hard work of the generations of the grand parents and parents, after our terrible war, has created in Spain a special veneration for easy money it does not mind the way to get it. 

                                       TO BE CONTINUED...

Something has changed these days, Christmas has brought silence...

I cannot hear the two children shouting, The noises have almost disappeared, Madame is mute, no more shows of objects crushing on the floor over my head, no more heavy containers dragged over my head at least for a couple of days. No desperate cries over my head or by the place I work. The only sound that persists is the water running and running for hours from the bathroom by my bath room.

I suppose that all this changes are because of the Christmas and New Year´s celebrations.

I know that nothing has changed with the contract to make me disappear. The expensive cars that have been parked close to our doors have a lot to do with the change of strategy again. 

It is amasing to see how those people disguise obvious activities thinking that we all ignore them. That all living around are stupid and ignorant. But the worse for me is the arrogance, they move around, as if they were not vulnerable. 

My questions about my situation these 22 long months are: Why they feel so powerful? Who are backing them up? Why we have to go back to the stone age? 


On Monday the 10th, the schools started working, so the children have to weak up early to attend their classes.

The children had gone but the girl have come back and I can hear her at any time. This morning she cried sadly and loudly calling her grandmother, her mother was with her, though. Time later the girl went to the street with the mother, who took her out.

At two in the afternoon she came with a man, not her father, and when she entered the hall she went to the stairs to go to the first floor, the man told her, "No, we have to go here. The girl insisted, No we have to go upstairs that way. At that very moment the door was opened and the voice of the mother appeard to calm her down.

This is one episode, resently the girl seems to feel panic to her house, as she stops at the door of her house but tries not to enter. She sounds scared.

Although the child that was living in the first floor flat, over mine, has not come back, the madam has come "to pay a visit" some nights.

It is easy to recognise her presence because she always crashes a very heavy object agains the floor, only for me to know she is there, but now, for watever reason she does not say anything, she appears to do it for me to be sure she is still there...

                                            TO BE CONTINUED...

 February 2022, 24 months, that is to say two years suffering from those creatures coming from other culture who inted to impose hell in our comunity.

For some days our life has been better, they seemed to have disappear.

I usually start working very early and fortunately I had the conditions to give my clases, at least in the morning, 

For some days the aggression was replaced by silence and peace, for some days there were no children crying and shouting desperately and the noises were only the normal noises in whatever educated comunity, always trying not to disturb the neighbourd.

But some days,  in the evening I was able to hear the presence of The Madame who tried always to say hello to me moving a chair violenty,up and down, according to what I heard her telling the boss, to justify it,  what in the past was daily and several times a day and night until 12, what on the other hand, she considered the time law permited to make noises.

There she was again, you were able to feel her lack of respect, her lack of education, her hatred full filling every corner of the building although addresed to me.

I am thankful for all these days in which she was not able to stay, and I wish she was able to vanish without trace  from our lives for the safety of our children. I wish she could find her jungle and stay there happily ever with all those who are like her, 

Now, while I am writing, the girl I mentined before is crying and trying to ask for help, surounded by women and men trying to convince her to do something she obviously does not want to do, apparently very painful for her. Included in the group are her mother and her father...

FEBRUARY HAS GONE... 24 months...

The cries of the children are horrible, nobody appears to take into account their suffering. Now I am hearing the girl crying  sadly, apparently being photographed. A man, a woman and her mother... 

The agressions throwing objects to the floor are dayly.  The first thing is to move the chair up  and down, The second throwing objects that sound like stones, or heavy pieces of furniture.

The other variety of noises is making the little boy run up and down the corridor , which could be normal in a boy his age but what is guided by the woman to dedicate it to the neigbour.

The children continue crying this week the girl has not been here and the little boy has suffered a lot.

The water running in such an ammount that makes you feel that there is something industrial done there. The owners of the flats trying to ignore it, and most of the neigbours suffering but not doing anything.

It helps me to tell this experience to you, whoever you are and whatever you think about it. 

And in the case that something worse happens do not forget to look at the finger pointing to the flats 1stB and ground C where you would find all the reasons and answers as well as another story to tell.

For sure be CONTINUED....


I am impressed with there capacity to survive ignoring the Law or common sense but a great friend of mine says that this brabery is not natural, he says that is typical of the people that consume subtances that make them feel God although not for a long time, normaly the amount of mistakes they make end up in a terrible result for them. Well if I take into account the previous invasion of our village 20 years ago, with the same kind of things, I have to agree with this explanation, Children and Young people died by hundreds... now 12th March 2022, the activities go on but centered in the two little children they have, and the substance they manage. ,My nightmare starts with seen exclusive cars, always brilliantly cleaned parked at the door of the building, what means, as along as the time of this two years tell me that they are the reason for the children will shout an cry, and the bangs of agressive noises are going to be suffered from my flat and the other over the  one on the first floor.

In this conditions I have to suffer all kind of illigal activities on my head. There are days in which they make me cry thinking in the sad future of these creatures and the indiference of most of my neighbours. There are some of them that are so cinical that think  they are their children, so, as parents or family they have the authority to do whatever they want with them.

Now while I am writing the litlle baby over my head is suffering a lot and all the noises they are producing to sofocate his desperate crying are enough to describe the torture he is living. Ay..... is repeted once and again in different tones, and suddenly everything is silence, the seccion has finished. This episodes are normaly at midday and night, sometimes early in the morning.

What would you do if you had this terrible and repeated experience, would you be able to ignore it??????

TO BE CONTINUED....Now the baby is still crying and shouting  in a different room...

The behavior of my neighbours have been changing ways and according to the result as well places.

For example now you cannot here the little girl shouting from the flat in the entrance of the building and by mine. If you hear her she is going out at school time and most of the days you cannot hear her in the flat. Now you can hear the little boy shouting with pain three times a day from one of the extreme rooms in the flat over my head, madame and a man are always with him when he is crying. The rest of the time the boy is running up and down the corridor, and I feel better because he is doing something he likes and that can be good for him...

Time goes on, the episodes with the girl are in the flat by mine. The girl, who can speak clearly now, shouts Noooo, No, NOOO. And although this is every day, I heard  it clearly this morning while I was watering my plants in my patio....Her mother told off her and anther woman was trying to convinced her to do something that obiously, as usual, she did not want to do, while her father as well as her mother were coughing.

Fortunately for me, this week I have not been alone, and for the first time, along this two years and four months, someone else has beeing able to hear everything .....  I will tell you .....


















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