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I have been studying English with Amalia for about 20 years and it has never actually felt like “studying”. I can still picture myself standing up in the middle of her class because I could not sit down for two hours (Amalia understood that “I was a dancer”, smiled and continued her class), reading those Canterville Chase books, watching the “Girls, don’t cry for Loui” video, doing those 30 translation sentences every week, learning to laugh at the guys’ jokes and to express my opinion about all those complicated subjects that we would read in class.


How we all loved to go to English class with Amalia, drink one of those wonderful (hexagon shaped) frozen glasses of Cola Cao, just being there, looking at the blackboard, studying the patterns like “give STH (surrounded by a square) to SB (surrounded by a circle)”. How we all felt loved, protected and special when we were in Amalia’s.


Amalia was a sure value, Amalia always smiled, Amalia did not get angry (even when, at 13 years old, I told her that I had not attended class because the boy I liked was going to the “recreativos” and then obviously I had to go too- she understood…how cool and amazing she was!!). Amalia supported us, she dreamt with our craziest projects (she gave me classes on Shakespeare’s language before I went to London to take a drama course!). Amalia came to see us dance, sing and act whenever we had a performance- she was ALWAYS there.


Amalia was a key part of my education. She taught me how to “wash the glass”, how to be free while respecting the rules, not to accept an answer without an explanation- we looked up in dictionaries, in internet, in books…searching not only the meaning of words but the truth. Amalia, who questioned everything, taught me how dangerous is to think that you “know “ that things or people are “just like that”.


Amalia helped me through the most difficult year of my life, last year in law school, aiming to get the Cambridge Proficiency English test, planning to go abroad… I succeeded in all of those things and in many more. Before leaving, Amalia gave me a perfume named “So You”, which I wore during my time in Belgium, and a letter that I will always keep. It was one of the most beautiful letters that anyone has ever written to me: good luck, unconditional support, lots of energy and love contained in that envelope. Then Paris, then tough Garrigues, then getting ready for China…


Amalia is not a teacher- she is a master in the martial arts sense of the term: someone who goes along with you, who uses a discipline to teach you about life.


Today I can say that I experience every day the pleasure of reading books/newspapers and watching TV and movies in English. I have got many opportunities thanks to my success in English interviews. I work in a UK law firm and English is my working language. I communicate with 60% of my friends in English. I have even acted in English plays.


During these years, when asked where my wonderful English came from (British Council? UK boyfriend? US secondment?), I would always say a word that nobody could understand immediately: Amalia. That word was always followed by many others: Chile, writer, dancer, TV, radio, model, Proyecto Aliama Narval…Amalia is an Institution. Something that people who have not studied with her will never fully understand.


Some days ago, the CEO of my law firm came from London. I swear that I have never seen anyone more “British” than this person. After talking to him for a while, he said: “Your English is fantastic”. I smiled and thought about that word that no one ever understands immediately and then I mentally added another one: Thanks.


Apart from being the special person we all love and admire, she is the Teacher, with capital letters.


So, Teacher, I am very sorry if today I feel like showing off about you... Or did you ever think that you are the only one who has the right to show off!!!!


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"No se puede enseñar nada a un hombre; sólo se le puede ayudar a encontrar la respuesta dentro de sí mismo"

Galileo Galileo

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<¿Para qué repetir los errores antiguos habiendo tantos errores nuevos que cometer?

Bertrand Russell

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Nada en el mundo puede sustituir a la perseverancia. El talento no lo hará; nada es más común que un hombre de talento sin éxito. El genio tampoco; el genio no premiado es casi un axioma. La educación por sí sola tampoco; el mundo esta lleno de cultos sin gloria. Sólo la perseverancia y la firmeza son omnipotentes.

Adam J. Jackson

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"Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it"

Vive y trabaja pero no te olvides de jugar, de divertirte en tu vida y de disfrutar de ella.

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