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Each human being has the potential to change, to transform their attitude, no matter how difficult the situation

 Dalai Lama.



 Here in silence, in the magic zone Wayne W. Dyer revealed me, looking into my feelings, I discover how much I have lived other people’s lives, how much my surroundings have affected my health so my way of living and how far from discovering it I have lived.


Disillusion, the incapacity to create illusion, makes us put on others the construction of our inner us, it is to blame on others, it is to put in other people’s hands the realization of our dreams, being a mere passenger unable to produce any single positive movement. In this desperate try to elude our personal responsibility we damage the ones that surround us killing their emotions and killing the possibility to live a wonderful life, the wonderful life everybody deserves.


 When we build our own interior, clean our minds from hatred, envy or jealousy replacing them by positive feelings wishing love and joy for the others, no matter our personal situation, then and only then we can live peacefully and happily as happiness can only dwell in a clean mind plenty of good feelings, a cosy space for kindness.


It is difficult to maintain the balance you have been working for when you have permitted your home to be populated with desperate individuals unable to see longer than their belly bottom, capricious and incapable to feed their minds with good thoughts, useless at feeling happy for others brilliant ideas or success and not being even able to love themselves. It is almost impossible to escape from the undertow produced by their black feelings. How many families do those who suffer this mental illness destroys every day?


In my opinion, a sane individual is a happy and cooperative individual. A sane individual feels life as a personal challenge living with other individuals and sharing the best they can produce including feelings. All is born in our mind, in our imagination, knowing or not, we build our lives until we pass away and probably this very moment is as well included in our harvest.


Being aware of this terrible revelation, the only path that appears possible to walk is to create a new picture of ourselves and of the future we expect to have. As love is always happy we can have a detector for bad feelings that will give us the possibility to chose our company. I know that saying this is easy but I want to believe we are able to do it.


During centuries and centuries we have been inducted to think that love was a great suffering and so we have lived accepting this fact without questions. Now we know it is “the greatest fallacy” plated by the ignorance. Now that we know it is not true, maybe, we could start a new era.


If we consider that being not happy is just ignorance and we convince ourselves that we can learn different behaviours which can give us the tools we need to build our happy future, provided natural disasters complicate it, then we should be the rest of our lives learning and teaching how to think an live a happy life.


Anyway, I know there are lots of people completely adapted to the current way of thinking and that there are who can find my words stupid for them I wish the best for those and I want that a speck of love brushes their minds, and, just in case it is true I can change to build up a better future I start working now as

“Deeds speak louder than words”.




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"No se puede enseñar nada a un hombre; sólo se le puede ayudar a encontrar la respuesta dentro de sí mismo"

Galileo Galileo

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<¿Para qué repetir los errores antiguos habiendo tantos errores nuevos que cometer?

Bertrand Russell

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Nada en el mundo puede sustituir a la perseverancia. El talento no lo hará; nada es más común que un hombre de talento sin éxito. El genio tampoco; el genio no premiado es casi un axioma. La educación por sí sola tampoco; el mundo esta lleno de cultos sin gloria. Sólo la perseverancia y la firmeza son omnipotentes.

Adam J. Jackson

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"Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it"

Vive y trabaja pero no te olvides de jugar, de divertirte en tu vida y de disfrutar de ella.

Eileen Caddy


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