Desperation (Sunday12 June 2022)

The first part of this real story is after this part. Please go to the end of this second part if you want to follow it.

It is written to account a situation which I have been living, day after day since it started two years and four months ago. My aim is to give information about what I see or I live day by day to help to clear up watever could happen to me if madame and her noons find the way to silence me as she has made me know. 

Part 2 (Part one at the end of this)

I think today has been the worst day of all. A very little girl is being forced to do something that terrorizes her. The anguished cries have been heard all over the building and although there have been several knocks on the walls nothing changed, all went on in the flat over my head. It was easily heard all arround the building.

The woman that was helping to sustain the girl now is laughing loudly, for her, nothing has happened. I can hear some neigbours  talking in the stairs but the protagonists appear to be relaxed. This coincides with a comentary someone did the other day, according to one expert this behabiour is typical of the people that live under the power of hard drugs, who need the little children to  support their way of living, selling them in different ways. Those people are not Spanish, so their customs and the value of their children depend on their needs.

The relevant part of this story is the reaction of the neighbours. Nobody hears anything although today this has been impossible, today people has heard the baby because she was heard in the staircase that has amplified the desperate crying of the creature and it has been for a long time, even to interrupt the siesta.

This is Spain, nothing has happened..... I

There is a strange feeling of terror all around but the neighbours, once again will forget this inmediately. Even knowing that this flat was visited by the police, as I told you before, how is it possible to ignore this episodes, once and again?

All of you know my situation, the woman responsable of these episodes has contracted goons to kill me, the ones that are vigilat in front of my house, from time to time. And who try that I open the door with different offers or excuses.

Our neigbourhood is invaded by a strange group of human beings....

 And the girl is still crying and sayin "No, no I dont want to go there..."  

 Well, yesterday was another day of suffering for children, this morning it was the same again, and always the voice of the woman and her laughter...

In the afternoon caught my attention a little girl shouting at the entrance of the building opposite mine. I saw, a little black girl who was taken unkindly from her building, shouting and telling the white woman, who was pulling her to the parking lot, : "Mala, Mala".

As a consecuence of a lot of episodes of this kind I am realy worried for the children in my building and in my neighbourhood... 

In general, in my opinion, we are making a serious and costly error of judgement.

We want to respect the privacy of our neihbours so we try to ignore certain behabiours, cries an stange situations apparently dangerous.

We would like to believe that nothing wrong can happen with people like us, that is why we tend to ignore that our ways of education and values are completely different, even among us in our own country and much more in those countries with different evolutions to their different concepts about life that have been given by their political gobernments.

And, their circunstances imposed by religion or tradition, sometimes crush againts our religion and tradition. 

We love accepting whatever kind of behavior that is coming and we make a great effort for the ones who we consider in trouble without thinking in the consequence.

Nobody is guilty of their education and the results of their sad story or abuses, but what I cannot understand is: "How is it possible to live in a new  place,  to get a better situation, carrying the bad habits that have caused to Them so much suffering.

And WHY are they trying to impose their wrong behabiour to continue the attitudes which have made them escape from their house, town, city, country, family, and so on...?

Why those individuals think are going to get better  repeating all those things that made them live so badly ? 

It is true that we are famous to be the most tolerant country, probably in the world. It is true that our laws are mild, and the ones that have to protect us have not resourses and their education is as mild as ours.


Now, I can hear The girl, she has come from school and as every day, she is crying  anguished, because she does not want to enter her house...

                     unfortunatly, it will continue...


Friday 24th June 2022.

As I told you, this morning there was a child crying, "as usual".

I got mad, nervous and, "as usual", I started comenting my desperation trying to understand how some people were able to do this kind of things.

After a time, enough for them to get what they wanted, I heard people going out the flat and a car which is called for them sometimes  as a taxi service, parked opposite my house.

Some people left the main door of our building and crossed the street, there were two young mulatto women, elegantly  dressed, one of them carrying who appeared to be a very little black girl, not older than a year, and  carrying, as wel,l some bags and a baby carrige, which appeared to be a pullchair and which was put in the  carboot before they went into the car, and left the street in a hurry.

Now, silence, blessed silence!

At the same time the activity has been in the flat by mine in the ground floor, letter C. The one the other little girl does not want to enter when she comes from school. Today, the little girl has not come yet and now is 4pm  and  at the moment all is calm and silence.

Those people can say that I exagerate and that all the children in the world cry, that crying for them is natural.  I totally agree with it but after 40 years or even longer working with children and having my own two children. I am able to distinguish the different cries of a child : a tantrum for example, when they cannot get what they want, a phisical pain, when they feel abandoned, when they are beaten if they are hungry and want to  drink water, when they are mistreated  or feel abandoned and feel trapped and when they cry with terror when they are abused, even if they are bored. 









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