Traveling and Airports

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I Love Travelling around the world   - I –

Adults and beginners - Present Simple

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When I go by plane I must go to the Airport, at least, two hours before the flight departure time.


I go into the airport and walk to the check-in counter where I queue (stay in line) to leave my luggage (baggage) and get the boarding card.


Once I have my boarding card I go to the lounge at the gate assigned to the flight and wait until we go on board.


There are a lot of beautiful shops in the boarding area where I can buy all kind of things. If I have time I usually have a look, and sometimes I buy clothes or souvenirs.


I have the number of the seat in the plane on the boarding car.

Sometimes I go on board by bus and sometimes I get into the plane through a kind of corridor called “Finger”. I prefer the finger because I walk directly into the plane.


Once I am in the plane I look for the number of my seat, I seat down and fasten my seat belt, I always ask for a window seat because I love looking at the landscape. If I go alone, the isle seat is boring. I get a magazine and read till the flight assistants show the safety instructions.


The pilot drives the plane as far as the runway and waits until the controller in the control tower tells him to take off. In a couple of minutes the plane is in the air, the plane is flying.


Some hours later the flight assistant announces we are about to land and arrive at the destination airport. "The plane lands and parks".


I get my personal belongings: bags, coats, etc, and leave the plane, pass the police control, then walk to a lounge to get my suitcase in the customs, get a trolley to carry my baggage, walk out of the airport and get a taxi to the hotel.


When I arrive at the hotel I pay the taxi driver, enter the hotel, check in – I leave my passport – and get the key. I go to my room ready to start the adventure promised by the brochure I got in the Travel Agency.   


Aliama Narval (2006)