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Narrator: Desiree García Larena

Prince Charlie:  Miguel Angel Domínguez Larena

Wolf : Alba Martínez

Jane: Ángela Mejías

Mrs Brown: Alba Pastor Mira

Mrs Magic: Amalia Fernández Nicolás

Tom:Ester Martínez

Emma: Elena  Mejías

Monster: Nadiya Vodavchuk



Narrator:  Hello Everybody, I´m Doddy the dwarf. I´m very happy to be with you again this year… Our people …are still living in the wood. …and .. As it is usual …they always have a new adventure to live. Mrs Magic…. as you can imagine…. is in her cave preparing potions to cure diseases.




Mrs Magic:  (song) LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA



**Kooky, Charlie Mrs Brown and Emma:

                           Entering the cave.


Hello Mrs Magic what are you doing?



Mrs. Magic: Hello children     I´m making a potion to cure solitude


 Would you like to sing with me, to make it?




Everybody: Yes…Let’s do it. Good Idea!



Mrs Magic: Then reaped it with me…


To know is not enough,…….. to give is not enough,….

you have to care and care…. to find the key of health…..


The plants are not enough,….. the oils and Magic things…..

  if you don’t care and care …. nothing is to be……


To want is not enough,…… to get is not enough,…… you have to care and care….. to find the key of love..


You’ll never be alone,….. and never be afraid, ……because you’ll care and care….. And find the key of life… la, la, la, la, la…


 Laughter…Ja, Ja, Ja….


Mrs Brown: Have you heard about the Monster of the leaves Mrs Magic?

                                    Oh My Lord!    What a nightmare!


Mrs Magic: No, What do you mean?


Mrs Brown. Oh we are so scared..

Jane has seen a monster,         all covered with leaves,        walking in the wood



Mrs Magic: Oh I didn’t know anything,    I had no idea!


Kooky: I don’t know     what a monster is…



Charlie: It is an imaginary creature,     in the fairy tales,    that is supposed to be large, ugly  and frightening.



Kooky: and,  where does it live? (Whispering with fear)


Charlie: Why are you whispering?


Kooky: Because I’m afraid of monsters..


Charley: But you can’t,      you are a wolf,      aren’t you?

                    You have got teeth,      haven’t you?


Kooky:  Oh Yes, you are right,

                        I’m fierce wolf..

 (Growling and   showing the teeth)


Charley:  Stop it!


Kooky: Are you talking to me, ah, ha, ah, ha-


**Everybody laughs JA, JA, JA


Mrs Magic: Where is Jane?


Mrs. Brown        Oh, she is with Tom in the wood.

They are trying to find  the monster,     oh, I am so nervous!!     Oh my Lord!


Mrs Magic:  Don’t worry Mrs Brown!

Hey all of you!   Fancy a cup of tea?


**Everybody: Yes please   Oh great!    Good idea!!!


Narrator:  Mrs Magic prepares a cup of tea and some biscuits.   Mrs Brown walks about the cave nervously …


Mrs Brown: I’m so worried that I cannot even sleep!     Oh my God!


Emma:     I don’t either


Charlie: Why are all of you so frightened  

 If monsters do no exist!


Emma: I don’t know.


Mrs Magic:  It is your imagination;  it makes the monster grow    a leaf a minute.

When Jane and Tom come      we’ll ask them about it.     Ok?


Everybody: Ok, Mrs Magic


Narrator: Jane comes running and roaring. Kooky, Emma and Charlie are dancing around    Jane JA, JA, and JA…


Narrator: Tom comes after Jane.


TOM: Hello Mrs Magic,    Hello children,     hello everybody    UF! What a problem with the monster!     I have been hours looking for it,         and I haven’t seen it.      That’s frustrating!!


Emma: That’s strange,    Don’t you think?      The only one who has seen the monster    is Jane!

Don’t believe her,     for sure she is telling lies,    she is always lying.



Jane: Shut up little sister!.    I saw it enormous   waiting for someone to walk past, waiting for you, maybe…   ja, ja..



Emma: Help, help, grandma, daddy.     Can I go with you?


Tom: Don’t worry my darling     daddy is here to defend you!


Emma: My sister …Can you see daddy,    the way she treats me?


Jane:  Oh, my sister is melting like butter in the sun…. Oh…


Tom:   Ok Emma,    please make an effort    and  don’t pay much attention to her        jokes. Ok?

            And you Jane,    try to be kind, ok?


Jane: I’ll try!


Emma :Ok daddy I’ll try


Mr Magic:    Well, well, well … 

 Why don’t you show me the song you have been rehearsing?


Everybody:   ok, ok, ready:   one, two, three:


 In the jungle,  the magic Jungle the Lion sleeps to night..


Narrator: After singing,   Jane leaves the room to see Mrs Magic potions;    Emma realizes that her sister is not in the room     and  tells it to her father…




Emma: Where is Jane daddy?


Tom: I do not know


Mrs Magic: Oh my Lord,    my potions!


Narrator: At that very moment  

 A shadow makes everybody feel terrified,   

A big body came into the cave, every body was shouting, everybody trying to hide.



Monster: Excuse me!    Can I tell you something, please?

I’m not going to do anything wrong to you,    don’t worry!


**Everybody enters 


Monster: Please don’t be afraid of me, please!


Tom: Who are you?


MONSTER: A new neighbour in the wood..


NARRATOR: At that moment,  a strange monster covered with leaves enters roaring…

But when it sees the other  monster, Stops,

cries and comes out,         falling down..



****Jane is on the floor and everybody is looking at her.        When she comes to      everybody laughs with relief

Commentaries: Mrs Brown: Oh, my little girl,

Emma:  She is a liar, I told you!!





The hunter got Hunted, ja, ja, ja, ja If you try to deceive us ja, ja, ja, ja, If you try to betray us, ja, ja, ja, ja… The monster of the leaves, JA, JA, JA, JA.         Good try girl!  JA, JA


Narrator: Once again, harmony and friendship reign in the Wood.


Well that’s all for now.

 See you, maybe next year.

But before going,


Our best wishes for Christmas       and a Happy New Year!




****Everybody leaves the theatre , both sides to meet in front of it, all of the characters singing and showing the puppets on their    hands.









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