The Party (Puppets Show IV)

Presented By:

Amalia Fernández Nicolás

And her students.





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Narrator:                                   Druid- Gabriel Macías

Prince:  Charlie:                       Pablo Díaz Llorente

Wolf:  Kooky:                       Pedro Díaz Llorente

Daddy:  Dworf:             Alejandro Martín de Miguel

Doddy: Dworf:             Guillermo Fernández

Mrs Magic: The Witch:             Amalia Fernández Nicolás

The Monster: Itself:                Alba Pastor

Jane: Little red riding hood:            Ángela Mejías

Emma: The princess:                       Elena Mejías

Tom: The father:               Ester Martinez

Mrs Brow: The mother:            Nadiya Vodavchuk

Diskjoky: The joker:               Alba Martinez


 Music: Love is my choice (Mrs. Magic)

  DISCO: Watching you..



Narrator: Hello friends, this year as Doddy has received the visit of his

        twin brother I decided to tell you the story.



There are a lot of new neighbours in the WOOD and our group of friends have decided to have a party to welcome them. Mrs Brown goes to visit Mrs Magic to organize everything….




Mrs Magic: singing: Love is the way, love is my way I choose love…

                                Love is the way, love is your way you choose love.

                                 And when it’s dark and your feel fear, you have love,

                                 Giving you light, giving you warmth, to be brave.

                                 Love is the key to be my friend is just love

                       Love in the sky love in the air, is just love…  


Mrs Brown: Hello Mrs Magic How are you?


Mrs Magic:          Oh, Very well Miss Brown, and You?


Mrs Brown:         Very exited  Mrs Magic! Very exited!


Mrs Magic:          Why are you so exited Mrs Brown?


Mrs Brown:         You know Mrs Magic we have a lot of new neighbours  in the Wood, so the children want to have a party to meet them.


Mrs Magic:           This is fantastic Mrs Brown!

                                      Tell me When is it?

Mrs Brown:         It is next Saturday and the girls want you to go ……


Narrator:  The day of the party came and everybody was trying to find

cloths for the occasion.





Charly and Kooky were on  holiday.

They were studying    at the University.


Kooky: Ey Charly ! What about the exams?


Charly :         Oh! This term has been a success. What about yours?


Kooky: Very well! Improving. You Know?

                  Are you ready to go to the disco?


Charly:         Just a minute Kooky! What do you think it is going to    happen?


Kooky: Who knows? With the girls you have to be ready for

   “New experiences”… (Laughing)


Charly:         Especially Jane ¿Do you remember when you swallow her..?





Narrator:  The friends leave the house for the disco laughing …..

In other house,     Doody is very happy    because his dear twin brother Daddy    has come to visit him.



Doddy:                I am happy cause you are here brother!


Daddy: I am happy, too.


Doddy:                 What about  Dworf Land?


Daddy: Everything is going well.


Doddy:                 Mother and father?


Daddy: Very happy as usual!


Doddy:                 You are nervous, aren’t you?


Daddy: Very exited! I am meeting your friends tonight.

Doddy: Don´t worry You´ll like them


Daddy: I hope so


Doddy: It´s the time! We should go now!


Daddy: I´m ready. Let´s go to the party...Loving you...Loving you.




Narrator: While Doddy and Daddy go to the party, Emma, Tom and Jane are at home with the monster, which has become Jane´s closest friend.


Jane: Ok, Ok, this is the way, now you look so handsome!


The monster:          Are you sure?         Isn´t a bit Big?


Jane: But, you are big?


Both laughing.....


Emma: What´s going on?


Jane:                   It´s not your Business!


The monster : Ok! A truce in this battle, please, today is a special day!


Jane:          You are right monster,

Emma, You look beautiful today!


Emma: Do you really think so, or you´re  pulling my leg?


Jane:          I tell you the truth, you are very smart and beautiful!


Emma: Thank you sister! Are you sure you feel well?


Tom:                   Are you ready to go to the party? We have to take your mother and Mrs Magic who are in the cave.

                   Harry up, please!

Jane:         Oh, That´s fantastic! (Maybe, I can take Mrs Magic “Magic Wand” to have fun in the party)


Tom: What´the plot in your mind for today, darling?



Jane:          Why do you mention it?

                  I am not going to do anything, I am a grown girl!


Tom: I know, but you are still a girl making jokes!

         Well, everybody ready?


Everybody:                   Let´s go then!



Narrator: When they arrive at Mrs Magic house, Jane found the way to disappear  for a moment and before Mrs Magic locked the door she got “The Magic Wand” and nobody noticed it.



Tom: Well Ladies, here we go!     To the disco!


Everybody:  Yeah!!!!!



Narrator: They came into the disco at the moment the Discjoky          Was announcing the Music..


Diskjoky: Good night Ladies and Gentleman, now to start with    our best

selection of music. Have a good time! And Do not Stop Dancing         the whole nightlong! Uhuuuu! Watching You.......OK, everybody dancing!



Narrator: While everybody was dancing and enjoying the music,

Jane took “the Magic Wand” and went to the dance floor laughing.......


Jane touches the dancers one by one paralysing them and then she goes to touch the discjoky. Mrs Brown notices that there is something wrong and tells Mrs Magic.



Mrs Magic: Oh Lord, where is Jane?


Mrs Brown:          No idea!


Mrs  Magic: I think she has got the Magic Wand, I have to find her!!!


Mrs Brown:          I’ll check on the right!


Mrs Magic: Here you are Jane! This is really dangerous, is not for joking.


Jane: Sorry Mrs Magic I couldn’t yield the temptation! It is so funny

To see everybody performing mime.


Mrs. Magic: Oh girl you are incorrigible!


Narrator: Finally everything was mended by Mrs Magic and the party was able go on successfully... as it is traditional in “The Wood” everything is finished with music.


Well, this is all for this year, see you next one.



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