John and his friends

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Este trabajo fue escrito durante el curso escolar de 2003.

 Nació en el taller de escritura que habitualmente hacemos al final del curso escolar.  Primero creamos a los personajes, los situamos en un lugar y los dejamos actuar. Después recortamos dibujos de fichas  y los pusimos al lado del texto, consiguiendo el siguiente resultado.  cuadernillo


This piece of work was written during the school year 2003
It was born in the writing workshop we usually do at the end of the school year
First we create the characters, settled them in a place and  allow them to act. Then we cut up some pictures and stuck them up by the text.

John  and his friends ...
John Smith' House

Page 1
This is John.
John is nine years old.
He has got fair hair and his eyes are blue.
John lives in Madrid.
He likes riding his bike.
He does not like reading books.
He does not like writing.


John has a monkey.                 
His mother and his father are cooks.
His mother has got a red car
His father has got a blue car.



Page 2

John lives in a house
He does not live in a flat.
John's house is big.                             
It has got a kitchen,
a living-room, a bathroom
and three bedrooms with balconies. 

Page 3
John has got two friends,
A girl and a boy.
The girl is Esther
And the boy is José.
They are Spanish.

 They speak Spanish
And they speak English.
Esther has got a pet.
It is a mouse. 

 José has got a pet, too.
It is a penguin. 

Page 4
One day
John and his friends Esther and José meet
In the school playground
At half past six.
They want to go to the forest
To play with their pets.

Page 5
It is half past twelve
It is Saturday
They are in the forest
Playing with their pets.

Page 6

 Zoo, Monkeys
At five o'clock
They come back home.
They walk and walk
But they do not find the way
They see a palm tree
With ten monkeys.
It is the zoo!!!!

Page 7

 They are in the zoo.
There are a lot of animals.
Monkeys, elephants, snakes, penguins, 
tortoises, tigers, giraffes and zebras.

Page 8
The zookeeper calls their parents
Their father and mother, brothers
And sisters come to take them home
But now they have no pets
Because only the little mouse
Come with them.
 The mouse is very happy
at home with his family and friends.

Page 9

John and José are happy again
They have got their beautiful pets.    
Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...


Written by:Desirèe García Larena, Miguel Ángel Domínguez Larena,

Andrés Gutierrez Marrube            Amalia Fernández Nicolás