Journalists around the world (part one)

J O U R N A L I S T S   - PART 1-
Este fue el trabajo del taller de escritura del año 2004. La formula empleada es la misma que la del año anterior, sólo que esta vez, hemos agregado amplia información sobre Hawai en Internet.
This is the piece of work of our writing-workshop in 2004. The formula applied is like the one we used the year before but enriched with a lot of information about Hawaii taken from Internet. 1

Page 1.
Miguel Angel is a Journalist.  He has got black hair and brown eyes.
He is tall and thin. He has got small ears.
He is always smiling.


He is American. He is Prom. USA*

He works for a TV Channel.
He is a reporter. He gives the news on TV.
He is an adventurer.
He loves travelling around the world.
He loves visiting other countries.
He is 23 years old.

 el y el jefe 

Miguel Angel has got a cousin. She is Desirèe.
*USA (The United  States of America)

Page 2.

Desirée is American, too. She is 24 years old.
She works with a camera.
She records the news.
She has got brown eyes and brown hair.                 
She is tall and slim.
She loves visiting other countries, too.
Miguel Angel and Desirèe have got a very good friend
He is Andrés. 

Page 3.

Andrés is a presenter.
He is from England.
He is English.                                                      

He has got dark brown hair and brown eyes.
He is 26 years old. He is tall and handsome.
He loves visiting other countries, too.


Their boss wants them to go to visit somecountries to have an interesting TV programme.


Page 4.

On monday morning Desirèe, Miguel Ángel and Andrés go to the Airport to buy the plane tickets to start the Journey. * There is a long queue at the airport. After an hour they get their tickets.


Then They go home to pack their luggage.*
* Journey = //       * Luggage=//


Page 5.


They are tired. They sit at a table in a restaurant.

Desirée eats a pizza and she has a bitter kass refreshment.

Miguel  Angel eats a pork chop with two eggs and fried potatoes and he has a coke to drink. Andres eats fish and chips and he has a seven-up refreshment to drink.



Page 6.

On Friday morning they pack.

In the afternoon they have a party in Desirée's house

Desirée's, Andrés's  and Miguel Angel's  parents,

grandparents, sisters and brothers are in the party.

They have a good time They are very happy and talk, and talk, and talk....

In the evening at 9 o'clock, everybody goes home...


Page 7.

On Saturday they go to the TV Channel office

to take the computer, the cameras, microphones and to say good bye to their boss.

  canal TV


Page 8.

On Sunday they wake up very early, have a bath, Put on their clothes and have breakfast.



Page 9.

 The plane takes off

They fly from Miami to Hawaii.There is a storm and the plane

Moves up and down.

They are horrified!

The plane lands without difficulty.

They go through the customs


Page 10.

 Then United States of America

Hawaii is in a group of volcanic islands

In the Central Pacific ocean.

It is a state of the United States of America.

The capital is Honolulu.

Hawaiians aboriginal people are brown-skinned with straight

or wavy black hair.

They are descendants of Polynesian who migrated to Hawaii.

Page 11.

They arrive in Honolulu and see

there are Palm trees but

the city is different from Miami.

There are beautiful beaches and

a lot of people surfing and diving.







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