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Siempre aprendiendo, siempre mirando y a veces viendo, a las malas sufriendo, y a las todas alegre y estar viviendo. Espero os suscite SENTIMIENTO.

In the meantime, while things were turning
You followed the spin of the butterfly
Inconstantly surfing with her wings
All the gave me.
All the things.
Spirit is free, love could be
What else a man can be?
Spirit Is.
We are young, still keep our heat
Our bright soul is on fire
And air still plays while we breathe...
Let's sail the Ocean,
Let's play hard the drums
Let's cry under the moonlight
And be ourselves instead of being someone
I love you, forever
I'll keep your heart 
I love you, forever
I'll keep your kiss 
...and memories
All the things
Will you love me still
Don't say you won't
Don't say you will
Just keep those honey eyes on me
And we'll find our separate
but together way and will.
All the things...
"Estou de caminho"